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All our products and ingredients are certified organic
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We are artisans with a deep conviction and the most noble of intentions, beyond the trappings of style and trends, devoted to creating and producing living foods, certified organic, that provide a vast array of exceptional functional properties. We select our ingredients with care and take pride in using only the highest quality organic products, certified non-GM.



Fermented for a period of 1 to 5 years, our misos are produced according to an ancient traditional process using the highest quality ingredients. Some of the key steps in producing miso, sometimes forgotten or set aside by modern producers, are major components in our production process for providing top quality misos unique in the texture and rich taste they develop over time.

So, do we offer :

  • Amber White Miso (soy-free), fermented 12 months
  • Rice Miso, fermented 3 years
  • Gaspésie Rice (hulless oats) Miso, fermented 3 years, an exceptional miso, unique in the world and 100% Quebec terroir
  • Buckwheat Miso, fermented 3 years
  • Japanese Style Miso, fermented 3 years (with seaweeds, mushrooms, herbs and spices added in third fermentation)
  • Townships Style Miso, fermented 3 years, (with garlic, chives and herbs added in third fermentation)
  • 5 year-old Special Vintage Rice Miso

Damari, the most ancient form of tamari

As the fermentation process progresses, the miso begins to produce and release, in very small quantities, the nectar that will eventually become the authentic tamari, the mother of all shoyu: damari.

Requiring infinite patience, the flow of the seasons and tides and the very breathing of the miso – the ultimate living food – the damari will seep through its vessels, veins and arteries to surface and become what can be named “the blood of the miso”. It is known as the most ancient form of tamari.

The damari produced at Les Aliments Massawippi is a tamari, certified organic, non- pasteurized, and fermented for a period of 3 to 5 years. It is quite probably one of the only raw, living tamari available on North American markets.

We take a lot of care in slowly and gently extracting tamari from our miso. With its ultimate “umami” flavor reminiscent of miso, tamari and shoyu, the damari lends a deep and rich taste to various dishes. It is ideal for sushi, sashimi, tempura, tofu, vegetables, pasta and rice. A few drops go a long way!All our damaris are certified organic, non pasteurized, GMO free and gluten free – except the barley damari. So, do we offer:

  • Rice Damari aged 3 – 4 years
  • Gaspésie Rice (oats) Damari aged 3 years
  • Barley Damari aged 8 years
  • Buckwheat Damari aged 3 years
  • Multigrain Damari aged 3 years


VitalKal, is a slightly sweet tasting, fermented organic rice with no added sugar. Following a fermentation period of 50 or more hours, the koji produced (fermented rice) is dehydrated under low heat then ground into a flour rich in enzymes and probiotics.

When added to various foods VitalKal has a revitalizing and alkalizing effect such as reducing body acid content and improving digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

Easy to use VitalKal can be sprinkled over breakfast cereal, added to soy, rice and almond milk products, in salads, etc.

Ingredients: organic rice, aspergillus oryzae. Keeps 1 year at room temperature and 2 years in the refrigerator.

Miso, More Than Food... Life!

More than ever, people are conscious of the link between healthy eating and good health, the nutritional value of living, functional foods that include, among others, nutraceutics and probiotics.

Good news! Miso, an organic, non-pasteurized, whole food, is all of the above and more. Fermented in a traditional way, rich in proteins, enzymes and lactobacillus, it is now produced in Quebec by Les Aliments Massawippi inc. of North Hatley in the Eastern Townships. Suzanne Dionne’s book, Miso, More Than Food… Life!, is a guide to discovering the benefits of miso and its role in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Suzanne Dionne is a food specialist and recipient of awards such as the Prix entrepreneurship féminin at the Concours québécois en entrepreneurship 2001. Also a master in the production of miso, she has translated her know-how into delectable reading with her book – a fun, fact filled account of the exceptional food that is miso and how to incorporate its full benefits into our daily lives.

The beautifully illustrated, full color, laminated and kitchen friendly book (folds and stands easily) includes some 40 easy to prepare, clearly explained recipes from around the world and for all tastes.

The introduction to her book provides detailed information on miso: its nature and history, how it is made, its unique nutritional qualities – the importance of enzymes in nutrition, probiotics such as lactobacillus, nutraceutic properties, with references and links to further reading on miso.

According to Dr Shinichiro Akizuki, onetime director at the Saint Francis Hospital, Nagasaki, Japan, miso could be one of the most important components in daily nutrition. He noted that families who consumed miso on a daily basis with rare exception were almost never sick and was convinced that miso ranks among the highest quality medicine available in preventing illness and maintaining a strong healthy body.

Title: Miso, More Than Food… Life!
Published by: Les Aliments Massawippi inc.
Pages: 82 color illustrated
Size: 14 cm X 21,5 cm
ISBN: 0-9689781-1-8