Amber White Miso, fermented 12 months


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Soy free, gluten free, aged 1 year, organic and non pasteurized


Ingredients : Organic Arborio rice, organic split pea, organic chickpea, sea salt, Aspergillus oryzae, natural spring water.


Offered in 200 g, 500 g and 2 kg sizes.


Amber White. This the official name of our new split pea / chichpea miso, soy free and gluten free. Fermented for only one (1) year, this miso is light yellow in color, sweet and salty in flavour. It contains two times less salt than any long fermentation miso.

A new recipe suggests the use of white miso? Don’t look elsewhere! Our Amber White is a white miso, comparable to the ones of the Japanese tradition and it is soy and gluten free.