On the Road

Sales Points

Our products are sold in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. You will find them in natural and organic food stores, fruit markets, spice shops and at some supermarkets. Click on a region to locate a store nearest you.

Suzanne Dionne’s book, Le Miso, plus qu’un aliment… la Vie! is available at major bookstores in Quebec and France. The English version Miso, More Than Food: Life! is also available in Canada and the United States (see the "Distributors" section).

Métro Michel Halloran

180, Chemin Lépine, Gatineau
J8L 4M4

Métro Gatineau

435, Montée Paiement, Gatineau
J8P 0B1J8P
(819) 561-5478

Métro Plus Kelly Maloney

910, Boul. Maloney, Gatineau
J8P 1H5
(819) 643-2353

Métro Gréber

499, Boul. Gréber, Gatineau
J8T 0B3
(819) 561-6627

Adonis Gatineau

920, boul. Maloney, Gatineau
J8T 3R6
(819) 317-1737

La Boîte à Grains "Village"

325, boul. Greber, Unité E-1, Gatineau
J8T 5R3
(819) 243-3002

IGA Extra Gatineau #0607 Famille Charles

455 Boul. Gréber, Gatineau
J8T 5T7
(819) 243-0011

Métro Céré St-René

1125, St-René Ouest, Gatineau
J8T 6L6
(819) 561-5499

Gagné en Santé

224, Bellehumeur, Gatineau
J8T 8N6

Café La Brûlerie

69, boul. St-Joseph, Gatineau
J8Y 3W2

La Boîte à Grains

581, boul. St-Joseph, Gatineau
J8Y 4A6
(819) 771-3000

Métro Gatineau

214, boul. de la Cité-des-Jeunes, Gatineau
J8Y 6S8
(819) 778-7330

IGA Extra Gatineau #8501 Famille Plante

1130, Boul. Saint-Joseph, Gatineau
J8Z 1T3
(819) 772-7774

IGA Extra Des Grives Gestion Grenier-Fortin

203 des Grives, Gatineau
J9A 0C7
(819) 771-1616

Chelsea Freshmart

528, Route 105, Local A, Chelsea
J9B 1L2
(819) 827-8001

Sol Épicerie Santé

186, avenue de la Colline, Gatineau
J9J 1S6
(819) 684-0512

Métro Marché Aylmer

799, Boul. Wilfrid-Lavigne, Gatineau
J9J 3V3
(819) 685-3490



All our biological Miso are available in 500 g packages. If your food shop does not offer these formats, do not hesitate to ask for them !