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Our products are sold in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. You will find them in natural and organic food stores, fruit markets, spice shops and at some supermarkets. Click on a region to locate a store nearest you.

Suzanne Dionne’s book, Le Miso, plus qu’un aliment… la Vie! is available at major bookstores in Quebec and France. The English version Miso, More Than Food: Life! is also available in Canada and the United States (see the "Distributors" section).

Natural Food Pantry

2277, Riverside Drive, Ottawa
K1H 7X6
(613) 737-9330
Site web

Herb and Spice Shop

1310, Wellington West, Ottawa
K1Y 3B2

Natural Food Pantry (Westboro)

205, Richmond Road, Ottawa
K1Z 6W4
Site web

Rainbow Natural Food

1487, Richmond Road, Ottawa
K2B 6R9
(613) 726-9200

Herbs'n Spice

375, Bank Street, Ottawa
K2P 1Y2
(613) 232-4087

L'Amie de la Santé

230 rue Principale Est, Hawkesbury
K6A 1A5
(613) 632-2997
Site web



All our biological Miso are available in 500 g packages. If your food shop does not offer these formats, do not hesitate to ask for them !