On the Road

Sales Points

Our products are sold in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. You will find them in natural and organic food stores, fruit markets, spice shops and at some supermarkets. Click on a region to locate a store nearest you.

Suzanne Dionne’s book, Le Miso, plus qu’un aliment… la Vie! is available at major bookstores in Quebec and France. The English version Miso, More Than Food: Life! is also available in Canada and the United States (see the "Distributors" section).

Domaine Acer

145, route du Vieux Moulin, Auclair
G0L 1A0
(418) 899-2825

Domaine Vert Forêt

222, rang St-Grégoire Sud, Auclair
G0L 1A0

Épicerie Francis Beaulieu

169, rue commerciale, Cabano
G0L 1E0
(418) 854-2213

Nature Plus Cabano

169, rue Commercial, Cabano QC
G0L 1E0
(418) 854-2213

Jardin du Bedeau

60, Avenue Morel, Kamouraska
G0L 1M0

Aux Petits Caprices

55, route 132, St-Simon-de-Rimouski
G0L 4C0

Supermarché G.P. Trois-Pistoles

634, Richard (Galeries Trois-Pistoles, Trois-Pistoles
G0L 4K0
(418) 851-2044

Coop Trois-Pistoles

77, rue Pelletier, Trois-Pistoles
G0L 4K0

Alimentation Lebel

615, 1ière rue, La Pocatière
G0R 1Z0
(418) 856-3827

Bol Santé

401-C, 9ième rue, La Pocatière
G0R 1Z0
(418) 856-5965

MR Inc. - Mont-Joli

1665, boul. Gaboury Sud, Mont-Joli
G5H 3L2

Metro Amqui

30 Boul. St-Benoît Est, Local 10, Amqui
G5J 2B7
(418) 629-3560

Dame Nature d'Amqui Inc

64 Rue du Pont, Amqui
G5J 2P5
(418) 629-2543


211, rue St-Pierre, Rimouski
G5L 1V1
(418) 721-4499

Coop Alina

99, St-Germain Ouest, Rimouski
G5L 4B6
(418) 723-0355

Supermarché G.P. Rimouski

92, 2ième rue Ouest, Rimouski
G5L 8B3
(418) 723-6945

Sobeys Rimouski

395, Sirois, Rimouski
G5L 8Y2
(418) 724-2244

Terroirs d'ici et d'ailleurs

302 rue Lafontaine, Rivière-du-Loup
G5R 3A8
(418) 867-4499

Pharmacie Jacqueline Fournier

298, boul. Thériault, Rivière-du-Loup
G5R 4C2
(418) 867-2121

Boutique Oasis-Santé

528, avenue Thibault, Ville Dégelis
G5T 1S5
(418) 853-5858



All our biological Miso are available in 500 g packages. If your food shop does not offer these formats, do not hesitate to ask for them !