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Suzanne Dionne

Suzanne Dionne is a Food Technologist (Université Laval, 1982), specialized in the transformation and preservation of food products. The sixth child in a family of fourteen, Suzanne, like her sisters and brothers, started at an early age to contribute to the family finances notably by being included in the seasonal wild berry picking from the time she could walk.


Following five years of research work at the Université Laval health and nutrition centre, Suzanne spent a few years in Central Africa where she worked in nutrition centres and introduced techniques for the production of health products (soy milk, weening foods, cereals for babies).As a counselor for various women’s groups, she helped establish small food production companies (bakery, tofu, breakfast cereal, etc), and in 1990, set up a miso production program.


Back in Quebec, Suzanne and her companion settled in the Eastern Townships with the idea of launching a food transformation company focused on the research and development of natural and organic food products.


In October 1999, after completing a masters in business administration, Suzanne’s project became reality. Les Aliments Massawippi Inc. opened its doors in January 2000 with the production of miso and a with small research lab for work on other health promoting products. Maintaining and improving health have always been strong motivating factors for Suzanne in her approach to food production and preparation.


In November 1997, as a contestant in the “De l’idée au projet d’affaires” competition sponsored by the Quebec based Fondation de l’entrepreneurship, Suzanne Dionne won two prizes, for technological entrepreneur and for entrepreneurship. In 2001, she was awarded the Prix entrepreneurship féminin, within the framework of the Concours québécois en entrepreneurship.


Gilbert Boulay


Gilbert Boulay is a graduate in forestry engineering (Université Laval, 1982). He acquired a solid background in management while working as the director and co-director of a number of forest planning and development projects, in forest resource management and in land management both in Quebec and abroad. He acquired practical experience in communications and journalism producing socio-economic profiles within the framework of sector studies and leading a socio-economic analysis project. He is Vice-President of Marketing at Les Aliments Massawippi Inc. He has also mastered the art and techniques for producing miso.



All our biological Miso are available in 500 g packages. If your food shop does not offer these formats, do not hesitate to ask for them !