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Home of Les Aliments Massawippi on a snowy winter day

Les Aliments Massawippi Inc.

Established in 1999, our home-grown company has produced organic, non-pasteurized, long-fermented miso and miso-damari (tamari from miso) since June 2000. It is the only company in Canada, east of Toronto, to offer such an extensive line of miso products.


Our sole mission is to produce living organic products that will maintain or improve your health and reduce the incidence of problems linked to food intolerance.


We produce uniquely natural products – functional foods, nutraceutics, prebiotics and probiotics (1) (2). Our products are high in nutrients, rich in enzymes and in lactobacillus.


Our small team at Les Aliments Massawippi is currently hard at work on new products not yet available anywhere on the market.



Our products have a rich organic value content. They are living foods with a high level of enzyme activity that enhances food intake and digestion.


Our mission, with a focus on health and continued innovation, is rightly led by the values it endorses, by the knowledge and innovative spirit of its owners, and by the needs of the population.


We are deeply convinced that good health comes from healthy living habits and that healthy eating makes all the difference. We live by the wise words expressed by Hippocrates, more than 2000 years ago: “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food".




All our biological Miso are available in 500 g packages. If your food shop does not offer these formats, do not hesitate to ask for them !